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External device file-hiding safety assistant
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Secure the files on an external device by using this assistant to access it and assign the files you want to be hidden from unauthorized access. The files will be invisible when the device is connected to a different computer. USB, SD, FLASH cards, and other types of devices are supported.

Portable media players are very popular devices to store information. Unfortunately, they also can get lost or stolen easily, which can be a problem if they contain sensitive information.
Unlike other programs aimed to protect folders only on hard drives, this software lets you create password-protected folders in portable devices. As I've said earlier, these devices can be lost or stolen easily, so the information in them may be at risk if it is not secured.

The program is simple and easy to use. You only need to select the device in which you need to create your protected folder, which needs to be a portable device, such as a pen drive, a USB memory stick or other similar items. Then, you can choose to show or hide the folder, and set a password to open it. Once created, you can start copying files into it. It is a very easy process.

Maybe the only disadvantage is that the interface is rather dull. There are no colors or icons that would make it more user-friendly, but this does not interfere with the program's functioning.

The shareware version only allows you to use the word "demo" as a password. If you want to get rid of this limitation, then you will need to purchase a corporate or personal license, each with a different cost.

There is also a portable version that you can test and purchase at the developer's website.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Specially made for portable media devices
  • Easy to use
  • Encrypt folders


  • The interface is rather dull
  • The cost may seem high
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